Modern Lightsaber Academy and Culture

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Modern Lightsaber Academy and Culture

Post by Xenq'i on Sat Jan 05, 2013 5:42 pm

There are more than a few Lightsaber Academy's which have sprung up - NYJedi being one of the foremost. To kick off the topic of modern martial art and Star Wars, as well as the cross-culturalization between the combative arts and the Star Wars movies, I'm posting three videos.
Ryan vs Dorkman - the battle that for many started it all. There is a sequel with higher production values and a refinement of the techniques and choreographic themes as well - RvD2
"New York Jedi and Saberwars - 5 Year Anniversary Tribute Video"
NYJedi and Saberwars are seen by many as the foremost lightsaber training academy hubs - we're talking people who *train* and teach, like a martial arts federation. The above video is more of a search start for those more interested - they have a plethora of videos, including training videos aimed at adapting the various lightsaber forms (Ataru, Soresu, etc.) mentioned in SW into real training forms and combat styles. The original mission statement had something to do with "taking back the ability to be the exceptional being hidden behind the norm", at least as some of their many members see it.
Jedi Ninjas Ft. Team2X
Last link for this forum topic kicker - great choreo, special effects, and tongue in cheek poking fun at themselves.

The phenomena outlined above - thoughts? Links?

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