Races of the Galaxy

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Races of the Galaxy

Post by Kilishandra on Mon Jan 07, 2013 8:01 am

While humans may be the most common in some sectors of space, the galaxy maintains a myriad of other sentient races. I will be spotlighting some here, adding more along the way.

The Voss and Gormak-
A secretive and complicated race, the Voss are actually very closely tied to the other more violent residents of their world, the Gormak. According to ancient history- history both sides still dispute, the Voss and the Gormak were once one race, a united people. The two races appeared after their world was touched by the war between Sith and Jedi. Now they wage an endless war, however the Voss Mystics have begun to see the true connection between themselves and the Gormak and caution their people against totally eradicating their rivals.

From the Writings of Jadek-To:
"Heed the words of Jedek-To. You will not like them. I do not like them.
The last Gormak must not die. There was no discussion. The interpreation was clear.
If every Gormak dies, every Voss dies. This is true.
Wage war but do not win. Survive. For total victory is death."



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